Film Club: blockbuster CPD at no cost

IRIS Connect Film Club is a FREE ready-made professional learning programme that will help you to develop self-regulating, independent learners. Each episode supplies you with video clips, resources and questions; you get together to watch, discuss and learn. You can also earn certificates for your efforts.

Born out of our project with the EEF, years of research and feedback from thousands of schools, it makes CPD enjoyable, time efficient and impactful. 


"IRIS Connect Film Club has definitely affected the professional learning culture, making it less top down and more open. It's also created an atmosphere of trust."  - Dan Sheffrin, Whitecote Primary School



Film Club supports you to:

Evolve key aspects of your teaching practice in order to grow self-regulation and metacognition in learnersFilm-Club-Posters-together-2.jpg

✓  Provide you with a clear, focused and practical professional development strategy that really works

✓  Offer a judgement free environment to collaborate with your colleagues 

✓  Get you comfortable using video for professional learning

✓  Help you explore the use of video to personalise professional development, saving you time and money

✓  Allow you to gain up to three CPD certificates per episode through micro-accreditation




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