Make sure improvements to teaching and learning can flourish

In education, change is inevitable. When new initiatives don't produce the desired results, the problem is often not the initiative, but the way that individuals respond to it and how well they are supported by their SLT.

This is true of:

  • Curriculum and policy changes
  • Different approaches to CPD
  • The adoption of new technology

The key is to create a positive school culture where teachers are supported in making improvements to teaching and learning. 

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  • Access 10 points to reflect on your school culture
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Create a school culture that supports positive change and school improvement
  • Prepare for the types of questions you can expect from individuals
  • Learn how to define, manage and address the Stages of Concern (SoC) that teachers may experience

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"If we spent more time developing the staff that are already experienced in the classroom, they wouldn't leave."

- Hannah Wilson, Professional Learning and Consultant Leader, Harris Federation