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The most successful way to keep new teachers is with a structured and sustained training programme. Video makes this easy to do. Find out how >


After the introduction of IRIS Connect, more than 90% of our student teachers used their classroom teaching recording for non-verbal and verbal analyses assignment." - Jan Van der Meij, Programme Director of Teacher Education, University of Twente

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Using video to support Initial Teacher Education. Video opens up the world of teaching; allowing new and trainee teachers to access a variety of skills, techniques and expertise with the click of a button. Meaning they can gain ideas and inspiration from not just one expert in the profession but several. Video also allows new teachers to see themselves in action in the classroom and gain an accurate picture of what they are doing and how they can improve.

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  • How video can help you overcome common challenges associated with ITE


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“The teachers we hire today will become the teachers for the next generation. Their success will determine the progress of an entire generation of students. 

Harry K. Wong