Be a great mentor and better equip your NQTs to succeed

Nearly half of all teachers in the maintained sector leave the profession within 5 years of qualifying. Supporting your NQTs right from the start of their teaching career is imperative to retaining and developing them.

This guide offers advice on how to mentor your NQTs and ensure they become the best teachers they can be.


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  • 11 ways to ensure you provide better support
  • 7 tips for making your feedback formative
  • 9 do's and don'ts from experienced mentors
  • 6 tips from other NQTs that you can share with yours

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"Looking back at my experience as an NQT I was lucky enough to have a mentor who had such a balance. They had the drive to push and challenge me.  The experience to direct me. The confidence to give me a good ticking off when I wasn't performing. In fact there were days when I even questioned what I was doing as a teacher. There were times when we didn't see eye to eye, but the majority of the days were ones where I felt truly supported."

- David Fawcett, PE Teacher & Learning Innovator