Your guide to video coaching

Accelerate your professional growth with powerful coaching conversations

Research shows that coaching leads to a far greater transfer of skills into practice than most other professional learning activities. Video steps this up a gear; it helps to focus feedback, increase the quality of coaching conversations and helps to save precious time.

Why you should download this guide:Your practical guide to video coaching teachers-UK-Cover-with-shadow

  • Contains powerful research on the benefits of video coaching for teachers
  • Explains how you can fit video into your current coaching cycle
  • Demonstrates 10 areas of coaching you'll see revolutionised with video
  • Provides 7 reasons to try live remote coaching and how to make it successful

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"In my role as coach and mentor, IRIS Connect has been the most powerful tool for improving teaching and learning quickly."

          Lisa Middleton, Assistant Headteacher, Oak Hill Academy


What is IRIS Connect?

Whether you want to improve lesson observation, enable self-reflection or enhance feedback and coaching, our market-leading video professional learning platform is proven by research to work.