How to improve your lesson observations 

Lesson observation is central to many of the highest impact professional learning activities, from coaching to lesson study. 

This guide helps teachers and leaders shift classroom observation culture towards a more developmental formative model that supports improvements in teaching and learning. 

Download this guide to improve teacher observation:

  • Offers 11 useful ideas to help you better observe a lessonYour-Practical-Guide-to-Lesson-Observation-2018-COVER
  • Provides questions to help you better reflect on your current lesson observation process
  • Helps explain why your current peer observation practice might be failing your teachers
  • Contains practical ways to transform the way you approach classroom observations
  • Gives tips on how to observe a lesson to provide better lesson observation feedback
  • Suggests better alternatives to lesson observation checklists

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“Because we can look at video reflections in non-contact time, I have reduced my need to cover staff to observe one another or observe good practice.”

Claire Temple, Sandbrook Primary School