Reduce stress and improve teacher wellbeing

Teacher workload is an ongoing concern that needs addressing at policy level and is contributing to increased teacher anxiety, stress and burnout. 

This collection of resources contains some key ideas school leaders can use to reduce strain on their staff, as well as actions teachers can take to protect their own health and wellbeing.


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teacher happiness and wellbeing guide

  • A 5 point teacher wellbeing plan for school leaders
  • Useful advice on an effective work-life balance
  • 5 things you should do every day to be happier and the science behind it
  • 7 principles that fuel success and performance at work
  • A guide to getting started with meditation and mindfulness for teachers


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"If we spent more time developing and looking after the staff that are already experienced in the classroom, they wouldn't leave."

- Hannah Wilson, Professional Learning and Consultant Leader, Harris Federation